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Sefra Maples Design + Consulting is guided by the principles of living well in relaxed, modern environments. We share a love for antiques and vintage textiles, as well as an appreciation for new artisan work and inspiring new materials.

Every project is a unique reflection of the individual personalities of our clients. Designs are not imposed, but develop from the client’s desires and personal taste.

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Ladybird Millie Grace

AKA Birdie

She’s the boss!

Sefra Maples

Principal Designer + Owner

Charged with creative energy and eager to push boundaries, Sefra approaches interior design as a true art form. She believes that interior design has a tremendous influence on people in their everyday lives. Sefra is dedicated to consistently delivering a unique environment that exhibits vibrancy and sophistication. She aims to take interiors to a higher level while sustaining the essence of their functionality. Sefra’s design philosophy is to portray grace, elegance and charm, with the intent to inspire anyone who enters one of her spaces.
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, About Us

Lainie Sanders

Design + Marketing Consultant

Lainie has spent years managing her own graphic design, digital marketing and photography businesses.  She fell in love the Telluride mountains during her first trip out, and decided to make it her home. Her background in graphic design and marketing brings an informed lens to the team; and her talent leverages our ability to push design limits and maintain clear, thorough dialogue with our clients and partners.

Kristen Noonan

Logistics Coordinator

Kristen, a long time Telluride local, brings a unique drive to our team. Since she was a child she loved to “tackle the big jobs”. Her appreciation for organization and efficiency combined with the belief that we are products of our environment, pave a clear path to the change our clients need. With 20+ years of experience in management and administration, Kristen has a strong sense of confidence for getting the job done and doing it right.

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