When it comes to design, balance is everything. When a space is well-balanced, it is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also gives a certain internal sense of gratification. Particularly interesting is the synergy between natural and man-made in design elements of any style, from the classical and country, to the modern and contemporary. The warmth of wood combined with the coldness of metal creates a balanced blend of polar forces.


These boho designs are everything wanted in a bathroom – tile floors, brushed metals, crisp white walls and shower tiles, with a pop of color in the cabinets and fixtures. Clean and crisp, this space allows you to relax and breathe.


Sustainable design and radical transparency are the new standards. As our daily transactions move further into the Cloud, acquiring experiences is becoming preferable to buying more things.  We’re in pursuit of an elusive ideal: a fair luxury. The roads of this journey are lined with arctic neutrals, cool blues and wild browns.


Natural light doesn’t always come easily. You may need to move a wall, pop in a skylight, remove heavy window treatments opting for lighter ones, install new windows or replace old ones with those that allow more light. While there may be an expense to make your home light and bright when you aren’t blessed with natural light, it’s worth it!  Your mood and work depend on it.


It is among our most precious commodities: night. We’re craving a refuge from urban streetlights and glowing screens, spaces to turn our gaze inward and recharge the spirit. The Dutch masters knew the secret: dark hues set a dramatic stage for sensuous luster. Aligned with the darkness of the night, this palette is rich with vine-ripe fruits and cool whites.


Texture brings in warmth. The more natural the texture, the better – wood, stone, wainscot, tile. It also adds dimension and makes you feel good.

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